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Hardness Testers

H-SeriesHC6.2HC6.2 (W,T,D,H)

Tablet Weighing Systems

Tablet Weighing Systems

Automatic Tablet Testers

UTS4.1-S20P-Series(Standard) UTS4.1UTS4.1-S10UTS-IP-LRUTS-IP65iUTS-IP65Tablet Tester with PressUTS-Extended NIRUTS-NIROptions & Upgrades

Disintegration Tester

DISI-M Semi AutomaticDISI Fully AutomaticDTGSuppositry testerVaginal tester


Dis 8000Dis 6000Dis EMCTransdermal PatchIntrinsicInhaled DrugsMedia PrepAutomationTergotometer Detergent tester



Powder Testing

Tapped density JVBulk DensityFlow trough an OrificeAngle of ReposeShear Cell

Semisolids Testing

Vertical diffusion Cell Test SystemVacuum Deration Apparatus

Tablet Tester Software

Tablet Tester Software

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