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Kraemer UTS-IP65i – Washable Tablet Tester

The Kraemer UTS-IP65i is a new further development of our high quality range of automatic washable tablet tester systems and provides a professional solution for the production of medium and highly potent drugs.

In addition to our existing dust-tight (UTS4.1-S10) and easy to clean (UTS-IP-LR) systems, the UTS-IP65i represents the first fully washable, universal and automatic tablet testing system.
The system may be used in the following applications:

• in conjunction with a tablet press
• stand-alone with PC-software
• online with PC-software




• Washable tablet testing system for measuring weight, thickness diameter and hardness.
• Protection: IP67-68 in working area, main housing area IP63
• Pressure decay test: > 3 min. (typical results around 20-30 minutes)
• Including patented KRAEMER separating feeder.
• Standard measuring range for weight 0-60g, thickness 0-10mm, diameter 3-16mm, hardness 5-350N.
• Integrated Sartorius WZ64S analytical balance
• Operating and display panel for all four parameters, including calibration and validation features.
• Integrated spray nozzles:
3 x Rotating Spray Nozzles in the outer section
1 x Rotating Spray Nozzle in the center section
1 x Stationary Spray Nozzle in Tablet Inlet Feeder Chute
• Connection Specification:
Clamp DN50 Water Outlet
Clamp DN20 Water Inlet
• Tablet Infeed and Outfeed according Courtoy Specification
• Integrated wash program for moving motors during wash cycle
• Dust protected power and communication connectors
• RS232 / RS485 interface for computer
• Inputs and outputs for control and implementation of external devices.
• CE conformity based on norms for machines EG-Ri. 89/392/EWG


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