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Tapped density JV

Tapped Denisty

The Tapped Density

Tapped Density Tester JV200i

Testers Series JV have been designed to measure the tapped density (or tap density) of powders, granules and similar products in accordance with USP Chapter <616> Method 2 and Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.15.

This technique is particularly useful in powder flowability studies and also in determining the amount of settlement during transit to optimise pack sizes e.g., washing powders.

Tapped density is achieved by mechanically tapping a measuring cylinder (i.e. raising the cylinder and allowing it to drop a specified distance under its own weight) containing the sample under test.

The tapped density in grams per mL can be calculated by dividing the sample weight by the final tapped volume. Measures of the ability of the powder to flow and its compressibility can now be given in the form of the Hausner ratio (Tapped Density/Bulk Density) and the Compressibility Index ((Tapped Density – Bulk Density/Tapped Density) x 100).

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for the Testing of Pharmaceuticals”.

Please note that the Tapped Density Testers Series JV may also be used for testing to a range of other industrial standards, such as:

  • ASTM B527 (metallic powders),
  • ASTM D4164 (formed catalysts)
  • ASTM D4781 (fine catalysts)
  • ISO 787-11 (pigments)
  • ISO 3953 (metallic powders)
  • ISO 8460 (instant coffee)
  • ISO 8967 (dried milk)
  • ISO 9161 (uranium oxide powder).

Tapped density JV

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