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DISI-M Semi Automatic

DISI-M – Semi Automatic Disintegration Tester

The series of DISI-M disintegration testers combines a proven design with new, innovative concepts of technology and user friendliness. DISI-M has been developed in conjunction with the new automatic tablet disintegration tester DISI and provides the following significant features and advantages:

• Solid stainless steel housing
• High precise, stepping motor drive unit
• Softstart feature entering the medium.
• Test basket with quick-release mechanism
• Precise and service –friendly thermostat heater
• Unique and simple operating display

The USP/EP-conform DISI-Models are available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 test stations. All models are equipped with independently operating test stations, arranged adjacent to each other.

The unique operating display allows a simple and efficient operation of all stations of the equipment. The remaining test time is continuously displayed. At the end of each test the test baskets are automatically lifted out of the medium and an acoustic and visual signal indicates the test end clearly on the operating display panel.

DISI-M Semi Automatic

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