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HC6.2 (W,T,D,H)

Kraemer HC6.2 – Tablet Hardness Tester (W,T,D,H)

Breaking strength test unit for tablets, coated tablets, granules and other types of solid compressions.

Main features and advantages:

Tablet hardness tester with weight and thickness Kraemer HC6.2 – Tablet Hardness Tester (with options)

• Compact Design
• Easy to operate
• Precise and reliable
• Simple and quick calibration

With new additional test and operational options:

• Stand-Alone with printer
• Product memory for up to 99 products
• PC-Software PH21
• External balance
• External Thickness gauge
• Stand Alone with Printer
• Product memory for up to 99 products
• PC-Software PH21

Test options:

• Weight
• Thickness
• Diameter
• Breaking Strength (Hardness)

The test unit is available with a measuring range of 40N or 400N. The results may be indicated in Newton, Kilopond or Strong Cobb.

The standard version allows testing of samples with diameter up to 30mm. The tester may be operated in single step or semi-automatic mode, the measuring speed may be set by the operator for up to 15 tablets per minute.

Test results are displayed on the built-in liquid crystal display. Interfaces permit connection of an analytical balance, digital thickness gauge. The tester includes a USB printer port as well as an Ethernet and standard RS232 computer port.

HC6.2 (W,T,D,H)

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