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Media Preparation Systems

The effects of air bubbles and other dissolved gases in the media used to conduct dissolution tests are legion and can be significant.

A Design of Experiment (DOE) study reported by USP in 2007 found three variables that were statistically significant as far as mean per dissolved was concerned: level of deaeration, vessel type and rotation speed with the level of deaeration contributing to 52.3% of the total reported effects.

The “Dissomate” Media Preparation Station combines degassing and dispensing to provide a fresh source of pre-warmed, deaerated and dosed dissolution media thus substantially reducing down times between dissolution tests.

It operates on the same “filtering, warming and stirring under vacuum” principle as recommended by the Pharmacopoeias and FDA.

It takes less than 15 minutes from start to prepare 8 litres of media and about 30 seconds per vessel to dispense. This means that a single “Dissomate” can handle several dissolution testers concurrently.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for the Testing of Pharmaceuticals”.

Media Prep

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