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The UTS NIR automatic tablet testing system combines measurement of the physical parameters weight, thickness, diameter and hardness with near-infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR analysis) in order to identify a tablets active ingredient content.

UTS NIR is thus a fully automated online PAT tool which can be used in production or as an offline testing device in the laboratory.

In conjunction with a tablet press, the system allows you to monitor the production process continuously and transmit all measurement results directly to the tablet press, allowing a quick response if errors arise and ensuring an optimal production process.

The transmission FT NIR spectrometer NIRFlex N-500 by Büchi Labortechnik AG used also allows you to transfer applications safely from the laboratory device to the UTS NIR.

The accurate, patented two-jaw centering mechanism positions the test specimen accurate to ± 0.1 mm, guaranteeing very precise measurement results that are standard in the laboratory sector.

Its compact and space-saving construction make the UTS NIR suitable for all tablet processes carried out by conventional press manufacturers. Diverse sample collectors may be provided depending on the customers’ requirements, allowing further analyses to be carried out in the laboratory.

All parts that need to be cleaned can be quickly and easily dismantled without tools.

The system conforms to the European & US Pharmacopoeia and is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.


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