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Tablet Weighing Systems

Tablet Weighing System – Kraemer CIW6.2 & 6.3

Automatic Weighing Systems

The CIW automatic weighing system allows you to weigh tablets, tablet cores, capsules and similar products during or after the production process.

Based on the UTS tablet testing systems by Kraemer, the standard device also offers a tablet separating system and a special transport star in order to position the test specimen accurately on the integrated scale. All parts that need to be cleaned can be dismantled quickly and easily without tools.

The CIW 6.3 model is largely identical to the CIW 6.2 model, but also contains a precise measurement device to determine the thickness.

• Laboratory device with PH21 computer softare, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.
• Online monitoring device, following a tablet press. Sampling here can be triggered by the production machine or via our PH21 software.

CIW 6.2 CIW Dust-proof design With 12-station feeder and collecor


• Solid industrial construction
• Quick and reliable weighing
• Use as a standalone or online version in the laboratory


• PH21 software
• 12-, 24- or 48- station feeder
• Single air conveying system
• Double air conveying system
• Three-slot sorting diverter
• 12-station sample collector

Tablet Weighing Systems

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