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Friability Testers (Uncoated Tablets)

The basic Friability Tester Model FR 1000/2000 comprises of a single or dual drums rotated at a fixed speed of 25 rpm. The standard friability drum has an inside diameter of 287 mm and a depth of 38 mm and is fitted with a curved baffle which subjects the tablets to be tested to a drop of 156 mm. The Friability Tester Model FRV 1000/2000 also features either one or two drums, but allows variable speed between 20 and 60 rpm to be programmed. Number of turns or test duration can also be programmed into the tester.

The sample (normally 10 tablets) to be tested is first weighed and then placed into the drum. The drum is then rotated 100 times, any loose dust from the sample removed and the sample re-weighed. The friability drum features apertures behind the baffle, such that the tablets can be added and removed from the drum automatically at the beginning and end of the test.

The Friability of the sample is given in terms of % weight loss (loss in weight expressed as a percentage of the original sample weight). A maximum weight loss of not more than 1% is considered acceptable for most tablets.

Abrasion drums for carrying out tests into the attrition of tablets caused by the product rubbing together during transit are also available on request.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for the Testing of Pharmaceuticals”.


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