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Intrinsic Dissolution

Intrinsic Dissolution may be defined as the dissolution rate of a substance under constant surface area conditions. It is normally measured in terms of “mg per minute per square centimetre”.

It differs from the more conventional dissolution methods in that only one 7 mm diameter surface is exposed to the solvent (dissolution media).

The kit for intrinsic dissolution studies is based on the same principles as the Rotating Disk Apparatus described in USP Chapter <1087> Apparent Intrinsic Dissolution – Dissolution Procedures for Rotating Disk and Stationary DiskThe kit normally comprises of six or eight 7 mm diameter punch and die sets together with a hand operated press specifically designed to allow the compression of the material into a compact.

The punch and die sets can be purchased singularly if required.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for the Testing of Pharmaceuticals”.


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