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Bill and Bob Burns have a combined 40 years experience supporting the products of several different manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical quality control test equipment. Our experience includes product development, sales, after sales support, calibration and validation of a wide range of equipment for solid dosage testing.

After more than 20 years as General Manager of Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron, Bill Burns has the experience and insight to help you make informed decisions regarding the selection and acquisition of the right product for your solid dosage testing requirements.

Bob Burns is the Technical Manager at Burns Automation. He held the position of Product Support Specialist at Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron. Bob’s familiarity with the technical aspects of their systems make him a valuable resource for a wide variety of technical support needs.

At Burns Automation we take pride in our ability to solve technical problems over the telephone without delay. On site service and calibration are just a couple of the services we provide. We have added an experienced service technician to the team who performs on-site calibration using NIST traceable standards, delivering comprehensive calibration certificates upon completion of the service.

Validation protocols are available for all products we distribute. Test suites can be performed using in-house personnel or you can order our on-site validation support and we will complete the validation for you.

The company concentrates its focus on the best products produced by several well known manufacturers including Copley, Charles Ischi AG, Irl GmbH, Kraemer Elektronik and PH21 Services Ltd.

The company offers a comprehensive range of products:

• Hardness, friability, disintegration, dissolution and weighing systems for the lab

• Integrated weighing systems used by several tablet press manufacturers

• Fully automated four way testers – weight, thickness, diameter and hardness

• IP65 rated weight and four way testers

• Fully automatic wash-in-place testers for inline production of high potency drugs

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